PCB Delivery

Diversity Products

short delivery time to meet your needs

YMS has advanced equipments and production capacity to meet our production of a full range of products. our single, double layer board can deliver within 24 hours; 4-6 layers can deliver within 72 hours;8-12 layers can deliver within 96 hours;our;14-18 layers can deliver within 120 hours;our products include:HDI,Thick Gold PCB, Blind buried hole multilayer PCB, Metal core PCB (Alu base PCB ,Copper base PCB,Ceramic base PCB), FLEX+RIGID,Special Board etc…

Layer Lead time Quick-turn Lead Time
2 layers 5 Days 24 Hours
4 layers 6Days 72 Hours
6 layers 7 Days 72 Hours
8 layers 8 Days 96 Hours
10 layers 9 Days 96 Hours
12 layers 10 Days 96 Hours
14 layers 12 Days 120 Hours
16 layers 14 Days 120 Hours
18 layers 15 Days 120 Hours
> =20 layers 16 Days 144 Hours


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PCB Technological Capabilities

which focuses on manufacturing high-quality PCB. We are specialized in manufacturing PCB. 


PCB Equipment

YMS has invested huge sums of money to introduce modern production and testing equipment & software from the United States, Japan, Germany, Taiwan,etc, and the advancement of process capability.



We have approved certifications like ISO9001、ISO14001、UL、CQC etc. and established a sound quality monitoring and prevention system to ensure the stability of the products’ quality.