PCB Process

PCB Manufacturing Process

A lot of work goes into manufacturing process of PCB circuit board.Whether you are making one yourself or going through a PCB manufacturer, multiple steps are crucial to the development of the board.To guarantee PCBs be manufactured with your expected quality, performance and durability, you have to pick up a PCB Manufacturer which has high level of expertise and a focus on quality at each stage.



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Drill the hole for conducting electricity and assembling.


Copper layer formed through self-oxidation-reduction reaction is for completing electrical interconnection.


Transfer graphics for meeting customer’s requirements.


Inner Layer Checking

Electronic Testing

100% detect non-design open and short circuit

Pattern Plating

Make the thickness of copper in hole wall meeting the quality requirements and the corrosion resistant layer plated for etching.

Final Shaping

Position the PCB to the processed and mill out the certain dimensions

Vacuum packing

Vacuum packing can prevent oxidation and protect PCB from damage.To facilitate delivery and transportation.

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